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The Night is Young The Night is Young

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beautiful :)

This is just beautiful. I don't come here to Newgrounds very often because it just seems that everyone just makes techno or heavy metal songs in here... And I don't like neither of those genres.
I've heard 3 songs of yours. This one, Rose Coloured Hindsight and Not Everyone Has A Girldfriend. I really like them all (Mostly this one... Beautiful:) ), but I just don't feel like checking all your songs one by one here at Newgrounds.
So, is there a way I can get a Zip or Rar file with lots of your songs?? :) That would be awesome. For what I've head your truly talented and I want to listen to more!

Great Job


curriemaster responds:

Hi there thanks a lot for the review, glad you enjoyed the song so much :)

I dont have a .zip or .rar of my songs posted anywhere but what you can do is go to my other site www. (remove the space) and click "play all" from the top right. That will let all of my tracks play through continuously instead of having to go to different pages on NG.

Thanks again!

Lightbulb in D Lightbulb in D

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Really. Beatifull. May I ask... Did you play all or any of the instruments? or you made it with a program?

Keep doing this type of songs


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Slart responds:

Thanks, Erik! I played the strings & some of the piano (midi) and used 2 or 3 free loops diced, spliced, and shifted (with an occasional note tweak here and there) for more piano. It was put together in Logic.

It actually grew out of another piece that began very similarly but then went off in a really different direction and never got finished. If I ever go back to the original, maybe I'll post it and call it Fluorescent Light Bulb or something.

The Ecstasy Of Gold The Ecstasy Of Gold

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The song was composed by Michael Kamen, the maestro from Metallica S&M, he directed the orchesta and wrote all the symphonic stuff for the versions of each song. He was also a movie score composer from very famous movies.


A Clash Of Destinies A Clash Of Destinies

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I love this song, you've got a music writing gift. May I ask, what program did you use? I've started writing music months ago, playing the piano, but Fruty Loops (7) still isn't as good as I need the program to be to make full versions of the songs. Anyways, I've voted 5, and my rating isn't 10 because there was something with the drums that didn't convinced me sometimes.
Keep doing this king of songs.


mechanoid-9 responds:

Thanks hugely. I currently use Reason, along with some soundfonts I downloaded somewhere. FL is good, easier to use and is able to utilise most plugins, though you have to tinker a lot to get a really professional-sounding song. Reason has loads of very very nice default instruments but the only external plugin I could import so far are soundfonts. It may be that I haven't found it yet, but it seems you can't even import standard sounds, wavs, mp3s, NOTHING :/
I've been into music making for quite a while, but only with eJays and similar loop-based stuff. I started using serious programs (that is FL) about a year ago. I'd say FL is very good for learning the basics of completely manual music making (non-loop songs). Thanks for the score again, and you can be sure I'll keep doing these :D this one's only the beginning...